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עילם שף פרטי
אוכל עילם שף מצפה רמון

About me...

My name is Eilam Avni, born in 1981, live in Mitzpe Ramon.

  I have been living in the desert for about ten years.

I traveled and guided tours. Rode camels and built mud houses. I lived and enjoyed the nature, peace and beauty.

  I lived in Tel Aviv for ten years. I worked in different kinds of restaurants. From homely and small places to chef restaurants of hundreds of diners. I lived and enjoyed the city, the noise and the people.

  I have lived in many different places and it has influenced the way i cook. in Mitzpe Ramon I find a balance between the city and the desert. Between old and new. I love coffee roasted on the fire  just as much as I like making sauces and tempering chocolate. In my cooking, I combine local and seasonal ingredients with both ancient and modern cooking techniques. I would love for you to come and have a taste.

עילם שף פרטי לוגו
אוכל עילם שף מצפה רמון
גבול ישראל מצריים

"Desert is not the absence of people,

but the presence of God"

Carlo Carretto

"All you have to do is contemplate one grain of sand, and you will see in it all the wonders of creation."

Paulo Coelho

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