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Sustainability and environment

אוכל שף מצפה רמון

Ramon Crater is a unique phenomenon in the world.  In it and in the desert around it there is  Geology, animals and plants that are unique only to the region (endemic). The crater is recognized as an international starlight reserve by UNESCO, and this is an official seal of what everyone who has spent a night here in the desert knows - the sky here is one of the darkest and most beautiful in the country, you can see a million stars.

In short, it's amazing here :)


It is important to preserve the environment everywhere, and it is even more important to be careful in the last open places that are still left in Israel. I strive to keep the business as ecological as possible, here are just some of the things I pay attention to when I make you an event or a meal in the field:

- Performing a cleanliness scan before and after arriving at the area, making sure to leave the place cleaner 

   pausing before. 

- As much as possible (except for continuous events) the electricity is on batteries without a generator.

  This way you can enjoy the peace and not disturb the wild animals.

-The lighting is minimal, the light is warm and directed to the ground (to the table, more precisely, so that you can see the    the food). In accordance with the strict regulations of the International Starlight Reserve.

-Maximum utilization of raw materials (food) and minimal energy (gas, coal, etc.)

- Use of natural/organic products only. Preferably as local as possible.

-Seasonal food in the full sense of the word. 

- Offers vegetarian and vegan options, invested and original.

-Using reusable maps and napkins

- Food scraps are separated, organic manure is transferred to compost.

-Perhaps the most important: I tell everyone not to feed the goats!

-Always striving to improve.

If there is any message that is important to me for the customers to go with, Beyond pure enjoyment of the event :) is that it is possible, with a little attention, to enjoy nature without harming it. Peace and Love.                                 

                                       In the picture: Crystals in the ebbing Dead Seayouth

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