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אוכל שף מצפה רמון
אוכל שף מצפה רמון

About the Sample menus:

Every event is different, no two meals are alike.

At any event, the menu may change depending on the location, number of diners, The availability of products, the nature of the event and more. 

* You can add or subtract courses.

* Specific dishes can be requested.

* You can add cocktails, cold and hot drinks and more.

* I can offer options for most of the dishes:

  vegetarian/vegan/kosher/Neg and more

* The food is fresh, healthy and made from natural ingredients

  of the highest quality.

* You can add external services such as a bar,

  hot drink stations and more.

The menus are here to serve as a starting point for dialogue,

if you wish :)

Here are just a few examples, the possibilities are (almost) endless :) 

I Invite you to Tell me about the event you are planning and together we will taylor The perfect menu for you.

High noon

A selection of menus for a perfect poika meal.

Sitting on mattresses and mats. Includes a campfire corner.

Desert tasting

Sample menus

Local, homemade, fresh and delicious breakfas.

Served wherever you are, even in the heart of the desert

Morning in the desert

A rich and yet light brunch, vegetarian or meat

You can combine cheese/sausage trays, different types of pastries and more

feel at home, in the middle of the desert. full meal including drink, Bread, dips and salads, hot side dishes, grilled meat and dessert

An evening in the desert

Poike dinner

Caravan of 6 desertish and seasonal dishes  

of the best of the chef

Additions and upgrades for field events


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